Virry VR
Guidelines and recommendations
Virry VR works best if you experience it 4+ times per week
Session duration: 5−10 mins (1−3 experiences or a short mindfulness exercise)

When selecting interactive experiences with animals you can make intuitive choices, or you can think about which effect you’d like to get:

Big mammals: when you need to feel energised
Small mammals: when you want to have fun and play
Herbivorous: when you want to feel comforted
Carnivorous: when you want an exciting adrenaline boost

Interactive experiences implies that you will be asked to perform some action about the animal: feeding, bathing, calling, etc.

You will also be asked to answer questions.
If you start to remember the answers by heart, you can turn them off in the settings.
You should not perceive these experiences like a nature documentary series on TV, expecting more and more animals to appear, but rather like a daily routine exercise for you soul and mind. It is more reminiscent of a daily activity like having a bath, or doing your morning stretches, which helps improve your mood and wellbeing. When selecting non-interactive experiences you should expect relaxation and calmness.
It is important to always track you mood in the beginning and at the end of a session. This will create a new habit of emotional self-assessment and will help you with self-regulation. The better we understand our feelings, the easier it is for us to reflect on them and regulate them.
The data accumulated will allow you to track your emotional states over a period of time.

Select a time: 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, etc. This is the amount of time you want to be relaxing and doing breathing exercises. Our mindfulness app has a very short learning curve and you will become familiarised with the routine very quickly.

All Virry VR products are about magical moments. All the experiences we offer you in VR can’t be done in real life, although the setting and the scenery are very real indeed. We don’t want you to feel any regret, or have the feeling of missing out on something.
No one will let you feed a lioness, but with these small magical VR moments you can.
Virry can make you feel happier and more positive, which is important for both your mental and physical health.
Research indicates that practicing mindfulness meditation leads to increased telomerase activity and telomere length — structures that are located at the extreme ends of chromosomes which are considered indicators of biological age. By reducing cognitive stress and stress arousal and increasing positive states of mind, practising mindfulness meditation may promote telomere maintenance, which is linked to cell longevity and therefore human longevity.
Our own studies show that Virry VR can bring the following benefits, if experienced regularly:
— Pain — 70% decrease on the pain index, coming nearly all the way down to "nothing hurts"
— New experience attitude — 40% increase in desire for newness
- Subjective age — 35% decrease in subjective age
— Memory — instant positive effect on short and long term memory
— Communication — 58% of the patients discussed their Virry VR experience with their relatives and carers, which positively impacted their moods and relationships

Virry is like a vitamin, but a visual one

Daily script for Virry VR use
Make sure you are sitting comfortably on a secure chair or on the floor
Put on the headset
Go to your App Menu and open the Virry VR app
Select which animal or landscape you want to see
Indicate the length of time you want to meditate for.
Indicate your mood
Go into the experience: enjoy the scenery, the interactions, the animals
Take off the headset
Take a minute break and just sit for a bit. Reflect on your feelings
Talk about Virry with your nurse / friends / family
Repeat the next day.