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What does the process of using Virry VR look like?
  1. Put on the headset.
  2. Go to your App Menu
  3. Open the Virry VR app
  4. Select which animal or landscape you want to see
  5. Indicate the length of time you want to meditate for
  6. Indicate your mood
  7. Go into the experience
  8. Enjoy the scenery, the interactions, the animals.
  9. Take off the headset
  10. Take a minute break and just sit for a bit.
  11. Reflect on your feelings
  12. Talk about Virry with your nurse, family, or friends.
  13. Repeat the next day.
Which VR Headsets are compatible with Virry VR?
We provide all of our clients with as many compatible, easy-to-use headsets they need. If your organisation already has a compatible VR headset (Sony PS VR, Pico G2, Oculus Rift, or Oculus Go), Virry can load it with Virry VR remotely.
Where can I use my Virry VR kit?
You can use your Virry VR kit wherever you can be sat comfortably. Please see our Terms of Use for further details on how to safely enjoy Virry VR. All compatible headsets are wireless and do not require a computer.
Are there any side effects of VR?
The probability of any patients experiencing side effects while using our VR technology is very low. Please see our Terms of Use for details of any possible safety hazards you should be aware of before using our service.
Can you use VR if you have glasses?
Yes, both PSVR and Oculus devices can be worn with glasses. Please check the specific instructions for your device to find out how to safely adjust the device for your needs.
How is my data from the Mood Tracker stored?
This data is solely stored on the user’s VR device and is never transferred or made accessible to Fountain Digital or any affiliated companies. Details of how to manage this data on your device can be found in our Terms of Use.

Please note that we have no control over how your data is collected, stored, or used by the company that made your device and so we strongly advise you check their privacy policy before providing any data to them.
Glossary of terms used in Virry VR
Breathe naturally - a gentle breathing pattern, at a relaxed pace, in which you concentrate on filling only the lower lungs. Gently and slowly inhale a normal amount of air through your nose, filling only your lower lungs, and exhaling easily. 

Mood - the way that you feel at a particular time, the current state of your mind. 

Mind wanders - when you are no longer concentrating on the activity you are engaged in and you begin to think about unrelated things. 

In breath - when you inhale air through your mouth or nose, filling your lungs. 

Out breath - when you exhale air through your mouth or nose, emptying your lungs. 

Physical sensations - bodily feelings, or sensory experiences, such as feelings of pain and pleasure, of heaviness or lightness, of warmth, of fatigue; aches, tickles; and so on.

Relaxing - to reduce tension in your body and feelings of stress and anxiety in your mind. 

Triggers - on your VR controller there are buttons, or switches, that are referred to as triggers. Pressing these triggers allows you to select options and interact with animals within the Virry experiences.
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